Glen Oaks HS 5K Run Event 5/8/21

Capitol Council volunteers left to right: Gerald Sigers, Debbie Sigers, Yolanda Henderson-Davis, Marguerite Lathan, Kenner Brown. Yolanda also ran and walked in the event.

Test Post for Arkansas

This test post can be deleted.

Test Post

Test Post for Mississippi

Caddo Council at Providence House

Donating speakers and cameras to the organization in December, 2020

Caddo Council at Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission

Donation of goods and supplies to the organization on March 15, 2021

Central Council at Children’s Miracle Network

CB Allwell, Booker T. Booze, Danny Ivie, James Pierre, Gene Knapp and William Frazier

Joann Buchana Memorial Christmas Angels Project

Members of Capitol Council, Baton Rouge, LA deliver Christmas gifts to the Salvation Army for under-privileged children on December 4, 2020. Left to right: Debbie Sigers, Kenner Brown, Gerald Sigers, Marguerite Lathan, and Yolanda Henderson-Davis.

Military Museum Award

Aspire Mentoring

Caddo Volunteering

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